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Offering a flexible and fast way to order all your hardware and software licensing needs at the best prices in the market.

Whether you need new equipment or want to upgrade your existing infrastructure, we can source a range of hardware, software, networking equipment, peripherals and accessories from all leading brands. We partner with all the major IT vendors to provide an ever expanding suite of products, which able us to research, purchase and install a wide selection of quality hardware and software that will suit your needs and your budget.

Hardware Purchasing

  • Benefit from our relationships and experience
    We work closely with the world's leading vendors, and several major distributors across US, to bring you a wide range of hardware products at the best possible market rate.
  • Superior turnaround times
    Save time and let us do the research on the hardware you need. We'll guarantee a 4 hour response time for all quotes.
  • Source and supply
    Let us secure those hard to find parts. Our hardware is sourced from several major distributors, who have each made large investments in their logistical processes, helping to provide a speedier route to market.
  • Rapid order processing and delivery
    Orders that are received by 2pm will be processed that same day, and in-stock items are delivered the next working day.

Software Licensing

  • Helping you to understand your specific software needs
    Our licensing team can source the most cost-effective licensing solutions for your business. We are on-hand to provide you with numerous services to make sure you're on top of your software asset management, and above all, have the best possible software licensing in place.
  • Access to the world's leading software providers
    We work with the leading software providers on your behalf, such as Microsoft, Citrix, Symantec, VMware, Sophos, Adobe and AutoDesk to provide you with access to the most up-to-date software on the market.
  • Licensing and compliance
    We have the experience, certifications and acclaimed expertise in software licensing, ensuring you only acquire the software that you need, and always maintain compliance.
  • Server to desktop
    Our specialists have a depth of software knowledge, right across the world's leading vendors, from server to desktop.