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A range of reliable and responsive IT Support services designed to pro-actively manage and support you and your team


Ask any business - from small to multi national - what their most time consuming IT task is and chances are they’ll say it’s the day-to-day management of their IT. Supporting the IT needs of your business whilst contributing to the business strategy is challenging. Time becomes money.

If this sounds like you, having extra sets of hands to help with your IT Support needs will give you the time and the space to focus on how technology can deliver on your businesses corporate goals.

How you'll benefit

Improve system availability and performance through our proactive and scheduled maintenance services.

Grow your IT Team without hiring new staff by having access to Edgewire Digital team of certified technical engineers.

Guaranteed response times so that you and your team are never left waiting.

Ultimate flexibility on how you would like to be supported. Don’t pay for what you don’t need.

Manged IT Services

Manged IT Services

Our Managed IT Services approach is highly flexible, allowing you to choose specific IT components to be managed, or alternatively, outsource the entirety of your IT infrastructure.

You also have the ability to tailor the service levels in a way that works best for you and your business.

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On Demand Support Service

On Demand Support Services

Edgewire On Demand Support Services give you affordable access to a responsive, professional and complete IT department, when you need us.

Edgewire monitors your network for trouble and performs routine and preventative maintenance on a consistent schedule for a small monthly fee.

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Prepaid IT Support

Prepaid IT Support

Edgewire Digital offers offers discounted prepaid computer technical service and support plans that can be applied to all the support solutions that we offer.

This is a great option for organizations who need occasional support - perhaps to cover busy periods or when a problem is a bit too complex for your local team.

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